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      Mt. Pleasant, Utah, about 1915


    This family tree is a history of the ancestors and descendants of Samuel James Caldwell and his wife Martha Sarah Hutchison. Samuel James Caldwell was born 22 Feb 1809 in South Carolina and died 6 Oct 1899 in Pontotoc County, MS. Martha Sarah Hutchison was born 14 Feb 1815 in South Carolina and died 6 Feb 1870 in Pontotoc County, MS.

    This information is a compilation of data from many sources, including family Bibles, census records, cemetery records, courthouse records, family tree data found on the internet, and most important, information from many, many family members. This website is simply my way of sharing the data with other family members.

    The information has been checked and rechecked but mistakes will surely be found. There may be some erroneous data and I apologize for any mistakes and omissions. I certainly hope that anyone who finds a mistake or has additional information to add will contact me with those changes. If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site please contact me. I will look forward to hearing from you.

    Rufus William "Rudy" Caldwell, Sr.
    Tupelo, MS

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